How to plan a Micro Wedding

A micro wedding has a guest list of no more than 30 guests and offers a more intimate and relaxed celebration to a traditionally larger wedding. It can take any form from a full day wedding to a scaled back late afternoon ceremony followed by a late reception. It is entirely up to the couple’s preference.
They are not a new phenomenon but have been thrust into the limelight since restrictions to social gatherings came in place in March 2020.

On the blog today Laura Hillman London-based wedding planner shares her top tips for planning a Micro Wedding….

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I absolutely love intimate gatherings as they allow couples to throw the rulebook out the window and plan a personalised celebration utterly unique to them!
With smaller numbers the overall cost naturally goes down allowing you to splurge on the areas that matter to you!

Here are my top Considerations for Planning your Micro Celebration

The Legalities

The luxury of a smaller celebration is having much more flexibility to carve a perfect unique day. However, the one bit that is essential is the legal bit! If you are starting your wedding planning from scratch, I recommend researching the legalities specific to your country. In the UK you need to give at least 29 days’ notice for the civil ceremony to take place, and you must hold your ceremony within 12 months of giving notice.

Choosing your Venue

Smaller guest number’s, open’s – up opportunities to host your wedding in unusual and exciting spaces that normally may not be able to accommodate larger celebrations or would push you over your budget! Why not book your favourite restaurant, an exclusive intimate venue in the countryside or even a chic boutique hotel in the city-centre?
Whichever venue you decide up-on remember to ensure the space is suitable for the size of your wedding. You could feel overwhelmed in a larger space, and it is much easier to transform a small room into an elegant and beautiful setting by adding lighting and candles.

Who will make your VIP List?

A smaller guestlist comes with some difficult decisions. I recommend thinking carefully about whom you could not imagine being without on your special day and make them your top priority. If you are really struggling to reduce your guestlist to 30 or less another option could be to live-stream certain elements of your day, so additional guests can still be part of your micro wedding! Just remember it is your day, so why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by your nearest and dearest?

Deciding on your Format

As previously mentioned, there are no set rules to the style and format of a micro celebration. How you plan yours, is entirely up to you! You may wish to gather your guests over several days and enjoy a lovely few relaxed day’s together. Or perhaps following an intimate ceremony you choose to celebrate over the most delicious 5-course meal. Whether you include any traditional elements such as cake cutting, and speeches is a personal decision you both can make. The joy of these types of gatherings is you have so much more flexibility.

Personalising your Day

What I love the most about micro weddings is that you can spend your wedding budget on the areas that really matter to you. Making each detail unique and meaningful to you, worrying less about trying to please all your guests and focus on the things that really make the both of you happy.
That could be selecting your favourite beverages or upgrading your wines. Adding in additional courses, or even asking for an à la carte menu, so each guest can choose their favourite option – it makes it even more of a special experience for your guests.
Keeping on the lines of additional touches creating personalised menus for each guest or writing a welcome note for every guest are just two other details that can be added with ease and without too much additional cost.
Or why not go all out and choose the dress of your dreams from one of your favourite designers! Check-out Ivory and Lace Bridal for some stunning dress inspiration!

Up the ante on your Wedding Décor

Styling your tablescape can often be a luxury especially with larger numbers. With a micro wedding you can splurge a little more by adding additional tableware details such as gold cutlery, charger plates and coloured water glasses which match your overall colour scheme. These little touches can really tie your design together and make your celebration extra special!

Deciding Which Suppliers are Non-negotiable

Before you start planning your micro bash, have a think about the elements that are non-negotiable and which perhaps you could do without. With a small celebration you may understandably decide not to have a traditional format and feel having evening entertainment is not necessary with fewer numbers. With an intimate setting you can spend quality time chatting with your guests after all.
However, you may decide having a photographer to capture all your heartfelt moments through the day is an absolute must! It is entirely up to yo
You can find more ideas on how to style your wedding over on my blog.

Is a Micro Wedding the Right Option for You?

Deciding on the size of your wedding is a personal decision that only you as a couple can decide. There are many benefits to hosting a smaller celebration however they come with tough decisions about who will make the guest list. Just remember your wedding day is about the two of you celebrating your love for each rather than pleasing family and friends.
Thank you for the guest blog feature.
If you are looking for the support of a wedding planner to help plan and style the micro-celebration of your dreams you can find out more information on my website about how I can help you



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